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A productive saturday

Well, its going to be a busy and productive saturday. In some ways it has been already. As its the weekend closest to the Day of First Tako (this will be the 5th anniversary for Juli and I), we're heading out to banff for a bit of relaxation later. We've got reservations at Ticino's, and will spend a bit of time at das hotsprings. We were thinking about doing an overnight out there, but we're both so burnt out that we wanted to avoid the extra stress.

Got the car taken in today for service, and went for breakfast at The Coup on 17th. Pretty damn tasty place, for vegetarian grub. I think Juli's found a new favourite breakfast place. I'll admit, the green olive/onion/feta frittata I had... quite tasty. I might do a review of that and Ticino's up for Ultimate Foodie.

After that, waiting for the car to be done, we went past megatunes... and decided to walk in, on a whim. Lo and behold they actually have a gothic/industrial section. A small one, but they have it. I picked up the latest System Syn cd.... and whilst glancing on the shelf, I saw they had Pigface's Glitch/Son of a Glitch.... on dvd.... on sale. I didn't even realize it was /out/ on DVD.

Can you say YOIIIIIIIINK!? I knew you could. I figure if they're actually going to take the effort to actually separate the industrial stuff out, least I can do is support that.



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Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)
I hope you had a lovely evening - you both deserve it!!
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