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Inside the Labyrinth

Scribbling on the maze walls

Some guy in a maze
18 September 1974
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Welcome to the maze, kids. If theres any way out of here, I haven't found it yet. Have a seat..I found some tools in sector 7-G, made some chairs. They wobble a little, but hey, I'm no craftsman.

Its so dark, you say? Don't worry. Some parts are lighter than others. Besides, your eyes will get used to it. The sound? Its nothing, really. We're pretty safe here for the moment. Sure theres some things that go bump in the night in here, but the smart ones know how to avoid the monsters... or bump right back.

Me? I don't know what you can call me. Some say I'm the keeper 'round these parts. Others say I'm as lost as you are.

The Cape Radio

I'm a proud member of The Cape Radio, Virtue's Finest Player-Run Radio Station. I broadcast Monday evenings as DJ Cybrid.



I will lj-cut my entry if its not original material and over a certain length. I will not lj-cut my own original material, no matter what the length. This scares some people. Please be advised of this if you are adding me to your friends list.

Neither the content nor the views contained in this blog represent the positions of my employer or of any association to which I belong. This is a purely personal blog.
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